There are various losses you can face by keeping your knife in the open environment without proper care. The major three are described following.


The most important factor that can cause a great loss to your kitchen knife is dust. By leaving the knives in the open, they'll get damaged and their blades might get rusted due to some chemical reactions between the rust and water on their surface. Moreover, the sharpness of the blade will also be lost.

Non-Stick Coating

As the size of the knife is very small, that's why it is very easy for the non-stick coating to be destructed. A slight scratch on the coating is enough for the total destruction of the knife. The damaged coating causes the food to stick to it thus prevent the making of perfect slices.

Physical Cuts

The third basic disadvantage of leaving the knife open can cause a great loss concerning health. Sometimes, you get cut on your fingers and your body due to an open knife. This is really dangerous as sometimes, there were viruses residing over the blade, and with the cut, they entered the body and cause serious health issues. That's why it is very necessary to get these special and dangerous gadgets covered.

Ways to Store Knives

There are many ways to store knives that prevent them from getting damaged and rusted. So we have listed down the best ways to store knives perfectly.

Magnetic Strip

Magnetic wall strips are the most protected and graceful approach to store your cutting apparatuses. This is the best strategy to hold kitchen blades because you will find little contact with these bleeding edges. It's also an excellent strategy to show your blades. Furthermore, a strip is additionally effective, as it permits you to see the entirety of your knives in a solitary look. An attractive divider strip can be mounted on the wall, over the counter, on a backsplash, on a pantry end, or on the ice chest. Also, they arrive in an assortment of materials, similar to hardened steel, quartz, and wood. Some are additionally accessible with a utensil bar for combined storage options.

Wooden Block

Wooden blocks help keep a sharp knife safe. It is a brilliant completion for your kitchen. These blocks apply a solid power that holds all edges safely at one place even enormous knives. Also, you'll have the option to gather a decent collection of knives and blades on this protected surface. The bar is effectively face-mounted for a strong, secure holder that will not shake easily. Expertly created, these wooden blocks are penetrated perfect, straight, and uniformly designed. The corners are square-shaped and cut exactly. The color is equally applied, and the wooden covers tap in cozily and the entirety of this cautious consideration gives a classy appearance.

In a Cabinet

It is one of the safest method that'll bring you the best results. You must keep your knives and cutting blades inside a cabinet. So, that you will not get harmed and adopt the best strategy to maintain your kitchen gadgets.