Need of Oil

Pancakes can be cooked in a variety of size, surface, and flavors depending upon the cooking strategies a cook adapt. Its genuinely simple and easy recipes can be used to prepare them to yield the best outcomes whether you like soft pancakes or thinner ones with thin edges.

The making of perfect pancakes is dependent upon the way you use the oil. Oil is needed to grease the pan that enhances its non-stick layer and prevents the food from sticking to its surface. Vegetable oil is normally used to make pancakes. You'll get a couple of earthy colored spots on the outside of your pancakes and you'll have the option to go through a huge bowl of the batter without consuming any of your pancakes. Cooking your pancakes in oil will give you extraordinary, reliable outcomes.

Alternative to Oil

Butter can serve as the best alternative to vegetable oil. It also allows you to make a bunch of pancakes in a quick time. Although the results are not entirely the same yet the problem can be solved to a great extent by using the butter.

In the event that you select to cook your pancakes without utilizing oil, ensure that you have a decent quality best non-stick pan or griddle. Contrary to pouring the batter directly into the pan that will yield you delicious and earthy colored pancakes while cooking in oil, you need to put the batter into the pan having butter instead of oil cautiously. Flipping the pancakes surely also becomes tricky as the butter does not make the surface of pans so much non-stick like vegetable oil especially canola oil.