What is an Electric Stove?

An electric stove is an electricity-based device that is used for cooking food. It is considered as a replacement for your old-fashioned strong fuel ovens and is undeniably more effective, protected, and helpful. It is getting extremely well known to use electric stoves instead of gas stoves as they work by a turning switch and accomplish similar work as your conventional gas stove would do in a short time.

An electric stove is easy and safe to use in comparison to ordinary gas stoves. It is due to the reason that there is no fear of open flames and gas leakages. Having an electric stove is a great blessing because it makes your breakfast hassle-free. Electric stoves are products of the modern age. They work best because they have temperature sensors that allow controlled flow of heat and you will get your desired results at the best temperature.

To operate an electric stove is not much difficult or rocket science. However, some precautions need to be followed. The stovetop must not attain a high temperature because it could be very dangerous. Do not put the things that can catch fire like clothes, towels, and curtains, etc. near the stove. Switch off the cooktop when the job is done.

Why to use Cast iron Skillets?

As stated earlier, cast iron is an extremely versatile, heavy, and durable element. So the cookware such as pots, pans, and skillets, etc. made with this metal give long-lasting results. Once you get used to the cookware made with this great element, you come to know its benefits.

How to Use Cast-Iron Skillets On Electric Stove?


Cast-iron can be used in the same way as the other pans. There is no special or different kind of treatment required for them. Place the skillet over the stovetop at the normal temperature. It will take some time but it will be heated up evenly. Greasing the surface with butter or oil (Canola oil especially) gives it a non-stick surface. It will cook food in the same way as other pots and pans.


There is one thing you must know that the handles of some cast-iron skillets are also made up of the same kind of materials so they get heat up quickly that makes it very difficult to grab so cooking the food also becomes difficult.


Cast-iron skillets are heavier so they take more time to get hot and consequently also take a much longer time to be cooled contrasted with the aluminum pans that are light-weight. This makes your cooking process slow and slower on electric stoves. So the various impatient people increment the temperature to a drastic level. Although it heats up the skillet in no time it becomes hard to maintain the temperature. After doing such a mistake, when you decrease the heat level, cookware continues to get heat up quickly. So it takes some time to get used to the cast-iron skillet and cookware.


Wash the skillet after you finished cooking. Avoid rinsing it thoroughly because the remaining butter and oil enhances the flavor of your next meal, said the experts. If you want to clean them, do it with dish soap along with warm water.