What is Induction Cookware?

Induction cookware is considered to be one of the best cookware out there. They have a magnetic base that provides easy, quick, and even cooking. Due to their versatile nature, they have swept the market and got billions and billions of customers in no time. The base is although magnetic but the whole body is made in the same way as traditional cookware. Induction cookware is the best option for professional chefs and beginners. This cookware will take your cooking experience to an advanced level.

Should You Use Induction Cookware on Gas Stove?

A large number of people think that induction cookware can be used only on an induction cooktop. But the fact is totally the opposite. This cookware can also be used on gas and electric stoves not only on an induction cooktop. Cooking the food over the gas stove is a lot more easy and tricky because gas stoves tend to be heated rapidly.

If you don't have an induction cooktop, you can own this so that you'll have more recipes. It is an important point to consider that all kinds of cookware cannot be used on induction cooktop but the induction cookware is compatible with almost all kinds of cooking range.

If you are considering your budget, it is advisable to go for induction cookware instead of getting induction cooktops.

When Induction cookware is Avoided to Use On Gas Stoves?

Induction cookware is considered best for home use and has made the cooking process very simple by providing its versatile ability to be used on all kinds of cooktops. But there are some situations in which the use of induction pans should be avoided. If the exterior of induction pans are polished and or sprayed with a non-stick layer, they should not be used on gas stoves because they are made especially for induction cooktops.

On gas stoves, due to high heat, the non-stick layer dispatched from its surface, mix with food and produces dangerous fumes. The materials mixed with food cause great health loss and are the major reason for many famous diseases like Alzheimer's, Diarrhea, and cancer.

The same is the matter if the base is made of a thin sheet of stainless steel, it should be avoided to use over gas stoves. This is because of the production of horrible sounds that sound very annoying and the cookware becomes warped.

How to Use Induction Cookware on Gas Stoves?

Some tips are given below that will help you to use induction cookware on the gas stoves. By following them, you'll never face difficulty in using them.

Rinse and Dry

Before using, wash them completely and then wipe the cookware with the tissue paper or soft towel gently. This will enhance their non-stick coating.

Partially Heating

After drying, partially heat the pan so that the pan gets hot and you will find evenly cooked food. When it gets hot, do not leave it empty for much time as it causes real damage to the pan.

Amount of Heat

Heat plays a major role in the destruction of a non-stick layer or warping of cookware. For induction pans, the heat should not be so much high so that the cookware loses its shape. With induction cookware, you will rarely find an event to cook food on high heat.

Washing of Cookware

After cooking the food, never try to wash them immediately with cold water because the sudden change of the temperature causes the warping of material and such cookware does not cook the food evenly.