“What is a griddle?” Is probably the most interesting question. A griddle is usually a rectangular, big, and even surface that provides equal heat to the food. A griddle can be utilized to make a variety of food such as burgers, pancakes, meat and, some more kinds of food that would require ordinary flipping because it has somewhat low edges that makes easy to slide the spatula underneath the cooked food. People have been using ordinary frying pans since ancient times for cooking many kinds of foods. But now griddles are used more commonly to make special dishes like steak, bacon, burger, and pancakes.

Now the question arises what is the composition of griddles. The main materials which are used to make griddles are cast iron, and aluminum. Although there is variation in the materials of the griddle, yet there is one thing in common. The material is, no doubt, a metal. The biggest property of the metal is that it is a great conductor of electricity and heat. This property helps in the conduction of heat to the whole griddle.

Griddles have somewhat low edges which make the flipping of food easy and thus prevent the food from getting stick to the pan.

Kinds of Griddles

Griddles can be classified into various kinds based on their composition, materials, and source of heat. Here, in this section, we are talking about the classification of griddles based on their source of heat. On this basis, they are known as: gas griddles and electric griddles.

Gas Griddles

A gas griddle has a burner arranged underneath its plate. When you turn on the burners, it provides heat that warms your cooking surface very rapidly. The gas griddles quickly heat up quicker than electric griddles. Before buying a gas griddle, you must check your kitchen location. If you want to introduce your kitchen to a gas griddle, it will be good but you must know that it doesn’t fit in the kitchens having a breeze.

Gas griddles takes a small volume of your kitchen space just like the oven. You just need to install the gas line properly for appropriate use. But it is a fact that the gas griddles are not designed especially for homes and are not very much convenient. So, they require standard installations for safety purpose.

Gas griddles are a great asset for the people living in an area where the natural gas or petroleum is in excess and also for the people who live in extreme cold areas. This is because, they produce a much heat that makes the environment of those houses warm.

If you want to run a café or restaurant, you would likely need a gas gas griddle. A few people buy enormous kinds of gas griddles for commercial use. Propane most probably is utilized as a fuel for gas griddles when they are used commercially. Ensure that you look at the propane tank consistently for preventing spillage. Commercial gas griddles also need a special attention for proper working.

The gas griddle heats up very quickly and the way that it gets hot and rapidly change its temperature doesn't imply that you ought not to think about it. If such griddles are going to be used extensively, you need to install an exhaust fan which eliminates excess of heat into the air.

Electric Griddles

Electric griddles are less expensive and easy to use as compared to gas griddles. They have a thin metal plate on the top which will cook the food easily as it provides the heat to the food evenly.

Electric griddles are a perfect fit for a small household kitchen as they do not produce much heat which saves you from extreme perspiration while cooking food. Electric griddles also serve as the best additional option for cooking food when your stove does not fulfill your demand while having a feast at your home.

A special sub-type of electric griddles is induction griddles having excellent features inside them. Instead of heating the whole plate, they just heat the central area of the top plate which decrease the time to cook the food.