Glass Jar Blenders Vs Plastic Jar Blenders

The battle between these two materials occurs due to the increased searching and comparison of the two components. The main differences are in shape, weight, size, and portability. a lot of people think that the material of the jar has a big role while blending but that is not true. Both types of blenders have some advantages and disadvantages. We are writing here both so you will get an idea about the pros and cons of both kinds of glass blenders.

Plastic Glass Blenders

Plastic material is being utilized on a large number of economically accessible blenders. Due to plastic, the price of these blenders is generally low. The biggest benefit of plastic jars is their relative lightness. They are undoubtedly durable. Even if they fall on the ground, there is a great chance that they will remain in one piece still. A massive number of people use them because they find it easy to read markings on plastic jugs. It is because plastic jars do not reflect light much so it is possible to restrict the eye on the measurements. Another mighty feature is that they are extremely lightweight. Thus are very easy to carry from one point to other without facing any trouble.

There is a dark side also. Some blender companies choose cheap plastics for making plastic blenders budget-friendly. These lower-end plastics are inclined to staining, scratching, and odor retention. This kind of plastic also has a material called BPA. It is a synthetic chemical that may adversely affect neural and behavioral wellbeing.

Glass Jar Blenders

When compared with the plastic jar blender, a glass blender is definitely more expensive. But due to its stylish design and decent look, many people find it pleasing. So, they prefer this type of blender over the other types. They are a bit more heavyweight than plastic jars. That's why considered more stable especially when on the motor. Due to its aesthetic quality, they won't rattle the slightest when the motor of the blender is at high speed. Glass jars are highly resistant to scratches. They don't break even when crushing the ice. Moreover, the bad odor does not remain in them. Also, they can be washed simply and is practically like a cold breeze.

But there are some drawbacks associated with the glass blenders. They are vulnerable to break if they fall. So, you must be careful while carrying this jar or washing it with your hands. Coming to weight, some people do not think it an issue. While some find it troubling. Plus, glass blenders are costly than their plastic counterpart.