Required features for Best Glass Blenders for Smoothies

Glass blenders are super-versatile to chop almost all kinds of food. You should not necessarily buy the most powerful, shaking blenders if you already have one without reading this article. For making smoothies, you must have blenders that possess all the features described below.

Type of Jug

Jugs are made of two kinds of materials mainly plastic and glass. Glass jars are strong and much more trending due to their elegant design and top-quality features. They do not capture bad odors so are very safe to use again and again. They also do not get scratches easily. Moreover, the plastic jugs can also be used for making smoothies and are so lightweight that they can be taken away to all places.

While there is a disadvantage associated with plastic jugs that they absorb many kinds of smells. So, it is very hard to grind the things inside the grinder. All this is done due to poor cleaning. Now, plastic jugs are prepared with high-quality plastic BPA-free Tritan which is an excellently strong, and powerful jug.

Motor Speed

Variable paces give real mixing control. Most blenders have constantly two rates, while some are mainly intended for a single purpose such as milkshakes or ice smashing.

Grinding blade

These blades are mostly used for grinding coffee beans and nuts. The body of the jug decides the size of the blade. A larger blade offers a more crushing job due to the large surface area.

Jug lid

The lid of the jug plays an important role while grinding the food. If the lid is closed tightly, food is prevented from getting out of the jug. A few models have a jar cover that also prevents the food from coming out when you spin it even at a very low speed. Some have removable lids, so you can add any ingredients midway if you forget to add them.