What is Sulfur?

Sulfur is an important element that is found in this world. It is generally a gas that is colorless and has no smell. But when it comes in contact with oxygen, it quickly reacts to form sulfur dioxide that has a very bad smell.

Why Tears Come While Chopping Onions?

Onion is rich in sulfur. That's why, when housewives cut the vegetables, the sulfur emits into the air. Actually, along with sulfur, some enzymes also release into the air that causes the production of tears. Actually, tears are produced to protect the eyes from this irritating gas. So, our eyes are protected in this way from sulfur and other harmful gases.

Not only these tears help you protect your eyes, but also they can cause the vision to blur and it could be very dangerous when you are using a sharp knife for cutting vegetables.

How to Prevent Tears?

There are some tips that you can utilize to protect your eyes while cutting onions. These are listed below.

Using Vegetable Knife

If you are using an ordinary knife for cutting vegetables, you cannot manage your time and in this way, your eyes will have to face the problem of tears for a long time. However, a large and sharp knife will help you to cut the deadly onions in no time. So, the best knife for cutting vegetables might be the top option for preventing tears.

Freeze the onions

Chill the onions by keeping them in the refrigerator for only a few minutes before you are going to cut with the knife. Warm air cause the irritating compound to release into the air more quickly. Chilled onions have fewer chances to eliminate harmful enzymes in the air. So they cannot waft easily. Hence your eyes will be protected.

Use Fresh Onions

Fresh onions are less likely to bring tears to your eyes. The season of fresh onions is spring and summer. You will have the best chance to protect yourself from the harmful gases in these two seasons. So that you will enjoy while cooking food.

Use Sweet Onions

We have discussed the use of fresh onions in the spring and summer seasons. But what to do in the remaining two seasons. Switch to sweet onions in the autumn and winter season. This will keep your eyes from shedding tears while cutting the vegetables.

Airy Kitchen

If your kitchen has a place for fresh air to come in and blow inside it, the harmful gases and enzymes filtered away with them. Hence the problem of tears will be solved. But if the kitchen is closed completely and does not have any natural way for air to come, you must use an exhaust fan or high-speed motor fan so that the eye irritant materials should be avoided from the kitchen.

Using Goggles

All of us have heard of goggles made especially for kitchen use. They are far more helpful in the kitchen, But always try to buy them from the stores that have kitchen accessories because you will find the best and most suitable products there.