Cleaning of Glass Blender

Cleaning glass blenders become very easy due to the use of steel wool but the consequences of using it have been explained above. So, it is not so simple to clean the glass blenders because it involves some hard work. But if you want to know such a way that can reduce your work but gives you the same results, here are some suggestions.

Materials required For Cleaning

Here is a list of some short materials that are required to clean glass blenders without damaging the glass. These include dish soap, lemon with baking soda, vinegar along with the baking soda, or dish detergent. Any one of the above materials can be used. Moreover, you need a bristled brush, soft clothes, and water. All of these are accessible without any trouble. Now we are going toward the next step and that is the use of these materials for wiping the blenders.

Process of Cleaning

Take a jar or a tub as suitable to you and begin it filling with the hot water. The heat must not so high that it can cause the breaking of glass. But, it must be moderate. Once you have blended your food material, try to clean it with a spoon as much as possible, and afterward, put one or two cups of warm to hot water in them along with dish soap or any of the combinations described in the previous section.

Close the jar with its lid and now spin it at a faster rate for about 30 to 40 seconds. This time will be enough to shower the spinning water on all the corners of your glass blender that will take out all the remaining of the food crushed before. When it was done, take the water out and rinse the jar properly. Leave it for some time and wait.

Now comes the time of its deep cleaning. Sometimes the glass gets stubborn stains and is very hard to remove. In such cases, we need a combination of strong cleaning agents. This property is possessed by baking soda and borax in excess. Borax is arduous to find while baking soda is a common household item.

Put the baking soda in hot water and shake it well. After it takes the jar and with a bristled brush, wipe it with the water mixed with baking soda. In this way, all the tough stains lose their position cleaning the glass with its shiny look maintained. If the odor remains in the jug, it is not of much worry. Just use a small quantity of bleaching powder and your job will be done. Use the soft cloth or a sponge to wipe the wet jar from both, outside and inside.

Safety Tips

If the residue needs a strenuous effort, put it for about several minutes to two hours in moderately heated water. After this process, use all the cleaning agents simultaneously that'll surely treat your problem well. Another one is again the prevention of using hard things on the glass as it will bring a much bigger loss to your glass blender. Further, the dull appearance looks bad and has a worse impact on your kitchen look.