How to Clean Non-Stick Pans?

Cleaning nonstick pans is not rocket science. Indeed, it is simplest to clean non-stick cookware as compared to others. The Ceramic or Teflon coating has eased the cleaning process and make these pans the top choice for kitchen experts.

Non-stick pans need a very little amount of oil to prepare food because they have a smooth non-stick coating made of Teflon and Ceramic normally so the food does not stick to it. But sometimes, In any case, there are times when you add an adequate amount of oil and still you see that food adhere to the nonstick surface. This is the point where the genuine battle starts, cleaning a burnt non-stick pan.

Hot Water

When the burnt on food stick to the surface of non-stick pans, people rapidly go to wash the pans that is totally wrong. An abrupt change in temperature will increment in your difficulty while cleaning a consumed pan. So the most ideal path is to turn off the fire and wait for the pan to chill off normally. You can attempt to slide out food that comes off easily while the pan is chilling off.

When the cookware comes down to room temperature, you can wipe the burnt nonstick pan without any problem. There are some well-known strategies to clean the skillet with Teflon covering. These techniques are similarly useful to clean cookware with ceramic covering.

After the cookware is chilled off, now get some high-temperature water and empty it into the dish gradually ensuring that it won't spill on your hands or body. Add 2 tablespoons of dishwashing fluid cleanser to that high-temperature water and blend it. Presently keep that pan to the side and you can proceed with your other kitchen routine meanwhile that hot lathery water relaxing the consumed food. It might require some investment; after they consumed food buildup is obviously disposed of and with the assistance of a nylon scouring cushion clears off the excess buildup. Wash and rinse the pan as regularly you do with cold water. Let it dry normally keeping it on the counter.


While considering how to clean the non-stick pan, you certainly didn't think about ketchup as an answer for it! Ketchup contains a high amount of vinegar and different acids which can possibly drop the oil from the pan's surface. If you would prefer not to utilize Ketchup, you can utilize white vinegar too. At any rate, oil your pan's surface with ketchup and let it stay for thirty minutes. Presently add water to the pan and blend it well with the ketchup. Presently place the non-stick pan on the stove and let it bubble for 10-15 minutes. Presently discard the arrangement cautiously and let the cookware cool enough so you could wash it with a dishwashing cleanser and scouring cushion.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a famous cleaning specialist. It is notable for cleaning different sorts of surfaces including cookware. Properties of baking soda will help extricate deposits of consumed food without harming the nonstick covering. Furthermore, when the particles release up, you can clean the nonstick pan without any forced scratching.

Pour a limited quantity of heated soda onto the pan surface which is scorched or has burnt on food buildup. At that point cautiously add water enough to make a thick paste. You can likewise set up a thick combination of baking soda and water prior to adding it to the consumed area. Leave the combination for the best outcomes.

The next day, wipe the consumed area with the nylon sponge marginally and tenderly. You'll see the greater part of the burnt-on food falling off the nonstick surface without any special effort. Apply little pressure to scour off difficult consumed food adhered to the pan surface. Just wash it under running water and let it dry normally. Wipe it with a cotton material or kitchen towel for guaranteed use.