Steps to Follow

The following steps you need to follow for making pancakes in a frying pan

Mixing the Batter

Add all the ingredients to a bowl. Now it's time to mix the ingredients. To make the pancakes in an ordinary frying pan, you need to mix the ingredients well. You need to be very careful about mixing the eggs as it is the point which makes the batter of pancakes fit for them.

Preparing the Frying Pan

A griddle is a useful thing for making pancakes. Since the griddle has a plain surface and contains no sides, this makes it effortless to make pancakes in them. But here we are not talking about the griddle. For making pancakes in a frying pan, first, you need to clean it by spreading some drops of water and then wiping it with tissue paper as it wipes out all the residuals of previously cooked food.

Before pouring the oil or butter into the pan, pre-heat the frying pan up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, grease the pan by pouring a small amount of oil or butter. Wipe it again with the tissue paper. This gives a non-sticky nature to the frying pan and making pancakes in them becomes simpler.

Remember that pre-heating the pan is the most important job to do. Try not to consider how long to pre-heat the griddle. You can also use a kitchen thermometer to quantify that given temperature.

Pouring the batter in the Frying Pan

Put the oil or butter in the pan as you like but recommended is the canola oil. Add such an amount of oil or butter which makes your pancakes’ top wet. Pour some batter into the pan by giving it the shape of pancakes which you like. Shake the frying pan to move the pancakes in the middle plain area so they can be cooked evenly.

Cooking the Pancakes

Give pancakes time to cook for 30 seconds. undisturbed, for around 30 seconds. If the pan is at its right temperature, pancakes will take less time to cook perfectly. After 30 seconds, flip the pancakes calmly. It will keep your pancakes from breaking.

Flipping the pancakes is an art. Pancake’s flipping is easy in the griddle and non-stick pans as they have no issue of pancakes sticking to them. But an ordinary frying pan always has a chance of pancakes sticking to them. To flip the pancakes in a perfect way, you need to slide the spatula underneath the pancakes and make sure that it lies flat after flipping. Try to use a wooden spatula as it does not scratch the coating of the pan which doubles the chances of pancakes sticking to it.

After flipping the pancakes, keep them in the pan for another 30 seconds. When their corners get browned, take them out from the frying pan. Delicious pancakes are ready.