Why Pancakes Remain Undercooked?

Pancakes remain undercooked due to various reason but some of the major causes that facilitate this problem to occur are listed below.

Imperfect Mixing of Contents

Mixing the contents and ingredients of the pancake batter is an art and people with huge experience also make mistakes as it is not easy to find the perfect extent to which the ingredients are mixed. When the batter is mixed, the eggs are the ingredient that causes the real problem. The yolk of the egg does not cause such a problem as the white part of the egg. The white part remains unmixed but the other contents get mixed with the same kind of blending. S be cautious about mixing the batter because it makes the pancakes chewy.

Some people, to avoid the under mixing of batter, mix it in the blender and sometimes this batter also creates the problem when it is over blended. The over blended batter makes the gluten expand that gives the pancakes a gummy nature.

Not Giving Enough time to Batter

After blending, another most common problem is that we do not give enough time to batter for its settlement. Without settlement of batter, if you start cooking pancakes, it will not pay you the desired results. Your pancakes will be far more from their actual shapes and taste. So, giving enough time to batter is necessary.


Temperature and heat play an important role in making your pancakes tasty or burned. Too high heat lets your pancakes burn and makes them hard. Too low temperature puts you in waiting for the cooking of pancakes to be finished and you will be deprived of your favorite breakfast or diet.

Unequal Cooking

The warp pans do not allow you to make pancakes evenly or perfectly as such pans do not let the heat circulate equally through the whole parts of the pans. This is a great disadvantage and the pancakes remain uncooked because the heat does not pass through them in a more efficient way as it should.

Flipping the Pancakes

Flipping is not so much easy as the pancakes become distorted and their shape does not remain round. Not flipping the pancakes on time or multiple times is also a cause of the undercooked or hard pancakes.

How to Avoid Uncooked Pancakes?

Try to mix the ingredients completely with your hands contrary to a blender that will always disturb your batter by overmixing them. The gently mixed batter makes the fluffier and lighter pancakes. After mixing the ingredients wisely, leave the batter for at least twenty minutes for settlement. After the settlement of the batter, choose the pan that is warp-free and has a special non-stick coating. You must choose the best pans for pancakes for making perfect pancakes.

The next important measure you should take is to control the temperature of the pan or griddle. Electric griddles have a built-in thermometer for temperature measurements. But the problem is to control the temperature on gas griddles or pans. For this purpose, an ordinary thermometer is used. The best temperature for cooking pancakes is 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The solution of the last problem is that you should flip the pancakes after two minutes when the corners turn slightly reddish brown.