Key points to Consider

Selection of a Pan

A stainless steel pan or griddle can be the best option contrary to an ordinary frying pan. These pans have a special kind of coating that prevents the food especially pancakes from getting stuck to the pan while cooking. It is because this coating does not react with food and the food remains intact from such reactions. If you are facing difficulty in finding the best pans, it could be solved by going through our featured article on best pan for pancakes.

Moreover, a heavy pan turns out to be the better option for cooking pancakes because they do not allow the food to stay on their top. On the other side, the slim dish can warm unevenly, making pancakes stick to their surfaces regardless of whether they have a stainless covering or not. So a heavy pan with a stainless steel coating is an ideal case.

Wash and Soak the Pan

First of all, the step which should be taken is to make the surface of the stainless steel pan non-sticky by spreading some water on the surface of it. This step is of great importance as it thoroughly removes the residual particles of previously cooked food.

Pre-heating the Pan

The 2nd measure which should be attempted is to heat the pan after drying it and before greasing it with oil or butter. Pre-heating the griddle before greasing it makes the pan show non-stick behavior towards the pancakes.

Greasing the Pan

Greasing the pan to keep the pancakes from sticking to the stainless steel pan is an extraordinarily beneficial step. The best thing which you can use to grease the pan is oil or butter. It also helps to provide a non-stick layer to the pan which prevents the food from sticking to its surface.

Setting the Temperature

Temperature plays an important role while cooking pancakes on a stainless steel pan. The best-recommended temperature by most of the experts is between 360 degrees Fahrenheit to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. If you wanna go to the precise temperature, it is 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cook Your Pancake

After setting up all these things, it's time to cook our most loved food, the pancakes. Pour some butter or oil along with batter in the stainless steel pan or griddle. Cook them until the corners get brown color. The tasty and delicious pancakes are ready.

Special Tips

Never try to scratch the stainless steel pan as by scratching the coating, the pancakes will stick to these scratched areas and burn which will turn your mood off in the morning as it looks pretty ugly.