Ways for Sharpening Knife

There are many ways to sharpen your knife but some tips have dominated all other steps and make the honing process extremely easy. The equipment is basically household and is used daily. Now have a look at some of these tips.

Other knife

This tip proves the best when you have two marginally dull blades. You just need to hone one above the other. In this strategy, you will use one knife as a sharpening pole while the other one will be sharpened. This trick demonstrates helpful only when you know the right way of adopting this strategy.

There is a thought that knives can be sharpened by striking the blades together and that is totally wrong. Definitely, this will damage the blade of both knives. The right way of doing this job is that you should use the back of the second knife to hone the first one. You should essentially utilize this trick.


Some rocks are also operated to brush up the edges of your knives. This technique can be extremely functional since you will not need to find a special rock around you. The step that should be taken is to track down a decent and relatively simple rock stone for a better experiment. Greasing up the stone, the water, a typical strategy when utilizing honing stones can give you superior results. This common and relatively simple technique may serve you a totally different outcome.


Looking odd by name but it is a fact that ordinary glasses can also be manipulated to enhance your knife. The glass may be of a broken window or of your vehicle. Just rub the blade against it and you will get your desired results. Among them, car windows serve as the best. The main reason is that their surface is not polished and hence the coating of the blade also not get destroyed. This tip proves extremely amazing when on a roadside trip and the half-opened vehicle window will be a perfect tool for you.


Sandpapers have rough surfaces and are used to scratch the paints before coloring the house. But it will be shocking that these papers are also used for sharpening the knife because the rough surface acts the same as the knife stone. Hence you will not have to go to find a special stone by roaming the whole city because the sandpaper is available in the market or even in the neighborhood shops.


Ordinary bricks are also used to whet the knife blades only when you do not find anything mentioned above. To use this trick, you've to follow some restrictions. You must choose a brick that's surface is slightly smooth as compared to others. So that your problem gets solved when you are on a trip.