Features To Look In Blender

To choose the best blender, you must keep a strong eye on the different features of a blender. The characteristics which a blender should possess to be called the best are elaborated below. Read them all for a thorough understanding and you'll be able to find the correct alternative.

Material of Jar

Most commonly, the material used to make jars is either plastic or glass. Both of them have features one above the other. Plastic, being the cheapest, is one of the regular materials used to make jars. They are lightweight and thus easy to carry. But there are many disadvantages associated with them. One of them is that they can get cracks if you put ice for smoothies to crush in them due to their low durability. Another one is that they retain bad smell and get scratches easily. Thus are not very easy to clean and wash properly.

On the other hand, there are glass jars. These are in the trend nowadays. They are durable with regards to crush the ice. They do no catch the bad odor to pollute the next food you are going to blend. Unlike plastic jars, these glass jugs do not get cracks and in this way are very easy to clean. There are also some drawbacks to them. The biggest one is that glass is a little bit costly as compared to plastic. Hence putting a somewhat small load on the budget plan. Another one is that these jars are minor heavy in contrast with plastic jars.


Stability is another influencing factor in the choice of the best type of blenders. For making smoothies, the machine should be spun at a very high speed. So a jar with extensive stability is needed. This property has much importance when you are going to blend such things that require high speed. In such a situation, the jar above the blender machine shakes in the air and there are greater chances that it fell away and bring you a loss. This happens generally because of lightweight jar blenders. On the other side, heavy jugs are exceptionally stable and do not cause any loss.


The power of a motor must have enough power and a user-friendly interface so it can be used in all circumstances and by all people of different backgrounds. Always select those blenders whose motor is come with higher watt power because this incredibly increases the force of the blender's motor. In this way, this serves best for blending frozen foods, like meat and other solid foods like vegetables, ice, and fruits.


Durability is the most interesting factor in the case of the best blenders. The life span of these blenders is based upon their use and protection. But the quality of material also plays a definite role. Plastic is a synthetic polymer and is made up of a combination of different materials. Some companies use cheap plastics that put a question mark on your health.

While on the other side, glass jars are undoubtedly very durable and long-lasting until they fall on the ground to turn into crunches. Almost all glass materials have a strong composition but boron glass are considered as the top-level safe glass because of their amazing pressure withholding ability. Hence, you should go with blenders having glass jars.

Our Tips

Both plastic and glass blenders have solid benefits as well as there are some drawbacks also associated with them. But analyzing both types, we have found glass jars to be more safe and sturdy. They are extraordinarily stable even at a high spinning speed. Moreover, they do not get scratches easily. That's why is not difficult to clean. Further, these glass blenders are versatile and fit best for all food items.